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Hey all! Welcome to my website for The Hardy Boyz and Lita (from this point on Lita will be refered to by her real name, Amy). Hope you enjoy what you see and if you don't... do you really think I care?!?!

Me Rambling...


Awww how cute! lol, so here's what I'm thinkin, Jeff goes w/ Trish.. Matt and Lita object.. give him an option of them or Trish... he picks Trish... Boyz break up, Lita and Trish feud.. yah who knows but I was starting to feel sorry for ol' Jeffrey being the third wheel on TV... sorry I'm not home right now I'm walking into spiderwebs so leave a message and I'll call you back dur dur nur...

K, I'm gonna try one of them things, ya know, w/ what Amy wears and all, style, yes, the key word here. So... if ya go to Amy's Bio you'll find the link to the site w/ it. Yep I'm a copyin'... somebody's had to have done this by now, I don't go to many websites but so far I've seen 4 or 5 of em, so I'm gonna give into the peer pressure and make one.

Updates (yeah, that's right! UPDATES! I actually updated this thing! Wow, aren't ya shocked or what!?!)

1.) Updated the updates section.. hehe...

2.) Updated Amy's Style Page (HUGE update on its way!)

3.) Added photo gallery 9 it's very hmm unique...

4.) Reminded you again that I am THE HOLY EVIL POPTART god!

This website is in no way affiliated with WWF, ECW, Titan Sports Inc., or anything else for that matter, so don't sue me or anything. Hardyz stuff came mostly from the Hardyz official site. Some of the pictures also come from, home of Jerry "The King" Lawler, "The Kat" Stacy, and MCW. Some information pictures etc. came from Amy Dumas's official site.I'd put the banners for both these great sites up if I could, but I have no idea how to so you can get these links fomr the links page :).

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