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The Hardyz: Radio Interviews


Matt Hardy was on the Andy Savage show on Seattle radio station 107.7 The End FM and here's some highglights of the show...

Andy gets the WWF reporter Fred(every Tuesday morning Fred gives a Raw recap)to ask Matt some questions.

First Fred jokes around with Matt about Lita being Fred's girl and Matt says that next time they are in Seattle he will fight Fred for her.

Fred then asks Matt if he and Jeff will be at No Way Out on Sunday and Matt said that there will be a couple of extra matches at the PPV on Sunday and he said that one of two things will be tossed in there the first idea is to have Matt and Jeff take on Rikishi and Haku or Matt will take on Rikishi in a 1 on 1 match.

Fred then asks Matt who he thinks will win the WWF title match between Rock and Angle on Sunday Matt says that he likes Angle as champ and he wants to see him win because Kurt is the underdog and that Matt is a sucker for underdogs because he says that he, Jeff and Lita are always the underdogs, but he thinks The Rock will beat Angle on Sunday.

Matt then says that Triple H and Austin will be the best match at No Way Out on Sunday.

Matt then says that the his story with Lita will be going really strong in the next few weeks.

Right before they go off the air they get Matt to sing happy birthday to Jodi the cohost of the show.

~The End~


This morning, I just caught the end part of an interview of Jeff Hardy on the local radio station, WWWX & WFOX out of Green Bay WI.

When I tuned in, the dj's had just asked Jeff who he would like to wrestle, and he said that he pretty much had wrestled everyone, but he would love to wrestle Sean Michaels, since "the word is he will be back for a few matches". He said that Michaels was his idol as he was growing up, and he would love a match even if he was only to take a Superkick from him.

They talked about the Tag-team division a little. Jeff said that the toughest guys in tag are the Acolytes. He said that they always bring it, and you gotta give it back. He also talked about the first time they were on Raw vs. the Brood, against Edge and Christian, and how that really catapulted the Hardyz and Edge & Christian, as well as jumpstarting the tag team division.

Jeff said that wrestling in WWF is a complete dream come true. He was asked about Malenko, and he said that he is glad that Lita got the win, so now they are done with that annoying loser. He was also asked about RTC, because when they had a house show in Green Bay a month or so ago, RTC interfered with Lita's match. They basically said that they were dumb and all that stuff, but he said that wrestling needs bad guys, and he thought they were doing a great job.

The next thing they talked about was the Royal Rumble when he had to fight Matt. He said it was a blast.

Then they ended talking about the huge Swanton Bomb he did off the railing onto one of the Dudley's through a table at Royal Rumble. He said he was totally freaked out, that he was afraid to miss, but he said you just don't think about it, you just do it.

Then they plugged the upcoming PPV, No Way Out, and that was it. It was a pretty light funny interview.

~The End~