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Lita: LAW interview

This is part one of The LAW's interview with Lita (Amy Dumas). The LAW can be heard Saturday's from 5-6:30pm ET and Sunday's from 11pm-1 ET on Talk 640 in the Toronto area, right here at LiveAudioWrestling.Com or at Tune in next Saturday to hear part two.

Jeff Marek: What are you doing in town? Something involving Molson Export I understand.

Lita: Yeah. WWF Canada has a new alliance or new sponsorship with Molson Ex beer going along with the sex campaign there.

Jeff Marek: The sex campaign. [Laughing]

Lita: I don't know why it might tie in with the WWF...

Jeff Marek: Or you in particular.

Lita: Yeah, I don't know.

Jeff Marek: So are we going to have thongs in beer cases? Is that the deal?

Lita: [Laughing] Maybe that will be the next promotion. They have a promotion right now where you get a t-shirt with a 24 pack but maybe the thong can come next time.

Jeff Marek: Thongs down the road.

Lita: Okay, I'll pitch it.

Jeff Marek: Lita, you've been in the business for two and a half years? Three years?

Lita: I think I'm coming up on three years but probably less than that.

Jeff Marek: Are you surprised on how quickly it happened for you? I mean, people spend ten to fifteen years in the business without getting a shot.

Lita: Yeah, it's almost sometimes hard to enjoy because I want to be like "How about that Gangrel? How about let him pull his thong out of his pants and go out there".

Jeff Marek: [Laughing]

Lita: Yeah, it's really amazing.

Jeff Marek: Have you had any resentment from anyone backstage? You got in there and got a top spot really quick.

Lita: No, I've been very fortunate. I do try to be very respectful of everyone's hard work there but it does have some disadvantages of people that are maybe a little bit more ignorant to the business doing interviews going "Man, you're the best" and I'm going "How about The Undertaker? He's good too, right?" Like I said, it's almost hard to enjoy because of everyone else who works so hard and gives 150% and isn't acknowledged for it.

Jeff Marek: Still think of yourself as a fan or strictly as a performer?

Lita: Both. A little bit more of a performer just because it definitely is my business and it's a concern of mine to be professional about it. I definitely love watching the show and I don't miss it. I tape it and watch everything.

Jeff Marek: When you first broke in, I'm sure you had one idea of what good wrestling is. Now that you've been in the business, I'm sure that's changed. How has it changed?

Lita: Well, I don't know if I can debrief but I originally started down in Mexico just when I got the idea in my head that I wanted to be a wrestler.

Jeff Marek: We're going to get to all that; don't worry.

Lita: To me, Rey Mysterio was who stuck out. After leaving
Mexico, I almost hated straight up Mexican wrestling just because of the fact that I was watching a tennis match after all the highspots. Looking back at Rey Mysterio, he was really one of the first Mexicans to incorporate an amount of American psychology. As he was getting beat up, it made you want him to win as opposed to Psychosis or Juventud.

Jeff Marek: And what's really unique with Rey as well was him learning to do all that at such a young age. When you were watching, he must have been eighteen or nineteen.

Lita: I had met him after I'd been watching for a couple years and he was 22 so he must have been 21 when I first watched.

Jeff Marek: How else has it changed? Going on your own roster and putting the wrestling food chain, who are the guys you admire? Who are the guys you like watching?

Lita: Hunter definitely. I've said this before, if you look at Rocky and Hunter, they're both so young and so polished. You can look at Hunter to look at how to specifically do a move because he does things so technically awesome. If you were to look at Rocky to do a move, you'd look like Rocky spitting in your hand and touching something. If you were to mimic your punch after Hunter's punch, you just have a good solid punch. He just pays attention to detail (all those top guys there and their storylines are looked at so closely) and that's the part that makes you believe the story so much better and that's what makes you drawn to these guys. Kurt too is phenomenal and is somebody that I look up to because he's someone that has come such a long ways in such a short time too. He's amazing to watch at how polished he is.

Jeff Marek: How'd the thong thing start?

Lita: It was just a spur of the moment type thing. I knew I
wanted to change my look for sure when I was switching over with the Hardy Boys. I knew I wanted to establish a look regardless of how long they kept me with The Hardy Boys, I'll still be my own character -- I'll be me regardless of whether I'm with the Hardy Boys or not. I knew I wanted to wear baggy pants so I could wear big old kneepads under my pants and not kill myself so that was going to one thing I was going to factor in. I thought, "This is still sexy but it's tough and I can wrestle in it but I don't have to worry about falling out in it or my butt crack showing". [Laughing]

Jeff Marek: [Laughing] The two things that helped you get over were 1) the thong and 2) the tattoo. What's the story behind the ink?

Lita: First I want to say I wrestled Lelani Kai and she said "We have to market you as a heel because you'll never ever be a babyface with that big tattoo on your arm".

Jeff Marek: Guess again!

Lita: That was just something I did. It doesn't mean anything -- it was just a thing out of spontaneity. I got it on a trip to Europe as a souvenir really. I think it's something that's different but realistic. The Undertaker's tattoos are scary. My tattoo could fit on him and it's kind of a scary tattoo but I don't think people view it as scary -- they just see it as kind of unique.

Jeff Marek: If you had a choice (obviously the answer is both) would you rather the World Wrestling Federation promoted you as an athlete or as a sex symbol?

Lita: I love they athletic end of it -- I always look forward to doing that. I know the sex end is what's incorporated into the business and I'm comfortable with it being part of the business.

Jeff Marek: How far do you push that though? How far are you comfortable pushing that?

Lita: I don't like to push it at all. I liked the thing we did with Dean -- the thing with lingerie. I was seen in lingerie but it was done in a way that my character could stay in tact and I loved that. I loved even the bra and panties match I had with Trish because it was kind of like "You want me to beat your ass? I'll beat your ass under your terms. We'll have a silly little bra and panties match." It's like, the fans can still get what they want but I don't look like I'm going "Okay guys, I know this is what you want to see. Here, I'll take my clothes off." The lingerie Christmas show I did at the restaurant, I didn't like how that was done but you've got to do what they want you to do. The shower scene I didn't like either. But, whatever, I'm over. I'm not going to be ecstatic about every single thing they do every night anyways so it just comes with it. As far as Playboy, I don't have any interest in it.

Jeff Marek: They never approached you? Vince has never said, "You're the next one"?

Lita: They've never approached me, they've never said anything, and I don't have any intentions of doing it. I think Chyna's was great and I loved that she did it because she's so different. Me, personally, I feel like it's already been done and she was the one to do it so good for her.

Jeff Marek: Do you think of yourself as a role model of young girls?

Lita: Yeah. Me, as a person, I do. Lita as a character can fortunately be enforced -- positive behaviours, staying strong, going after stuff even in you know you might get you ass beat, and being worth it. Me, as a person, I really do. Like I said, there's some things we just have to do with our job and I'm not saying "Hey little girls, go take a shower and have a creepy old man look at you".

Jeff Marek: [Laughing]

Lita: Not that Dean is a creepy old man.

Jeff Marek: He's only 40.

Lita: I know and he's been great to work with. He's been such a sport and I've learned a lot from him but I'm just saying in theory. Me, personally, yes. I believe going after what you want to go for, you've just got to do what you want to do, and don't be stupid about it but don't worry what people are going to think.

Jeff Marek: You must get this question all the time from young girls saying "I want to be a WWF wrestler. I want to be a pro wrestler. I want to get into the business". Do you say "My model is the right model" or do you say, "Here's how to do it"?

Lita: I always recommend going to a school just because now,
it's so much easier to break into the business. You're going to get your basics there and you're going to need your basics. Anyone that's wrestled can teach you basics (well, not anyone but you can learn your basics from a wide variety of people). From there, it's up to you to pursue everything and make connections. Every Indy show you see, drive to it, and maybe there's going to be somebody there that you don't know. Maybe you're going to have a great match on tape that's going to get you your job. I always encourage you driving there, making connections, tape your stuff (which can be hard sometimes), and just keep on learning and go, go, go. Talk to everybody and you'll never know who's going to help you out one day.

Jeff Marek: What's next for you? What do you still have to learn? What are you growing into?

Lita: What I have to learn more is feeling comfortable out there by myself -- it's such a different feeling. When I'm out there with The Hardy Boys, because of just being good friends in general and always just being out there with the guys, I take it for granted that they know what they're doing out there and it's just second nature to them. So, it makes me feel like "Yeah, this is second nature to me too!"

Jeff Marek: [Laughing]

Lita: Yeah and I just kind of hang with them there and can pull stuff off better. When it's just me and the girls, just when I'm walking down the ramp, the feeling inside is so much different because I'm like "Let's see if we can pull this off".

Jeff Marek: Deep breath.

Lita: Yeah and I'm kind of jumping around before we go out there and have six-man's and stuff and before my singles matches I'm like "[Out of breath] Okay, you can do this. You'll be okay".

Jeff Marek: Seven minutes -- two minutes of intros, five-minute match, it's TV.

Lita: The girls have been good about going in early in the day and working out in the ring. We just need to be more comfortable with each other and I just really want to work on being more solid as an actual wrestler. I'm comfortable with my part out there but what I want to have is solid wrestling moves and transitions. That's my goal for this year.