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Photo Gallery 1

The Hardyz with their equally awesome friend Sugar Shane Helms (WCW 3-count).

The Hardyz with the WWF tag titles.

As JR would put it- Jeff is literally being manhandled by Kat!!

Jeff, Shane don't do it! ;)

Soccer players; Actual size=240 pixels wide

El Hardyz y el padre (pardon my spanish, it's the Hardy & their dad, how do you say "their" in spanish? I was thinking, tus, but that- means you and he's not your dad he's the Hardyz dad but you already knew that soo, I'm rambling...)

Lita, Chyna, Kat, Jeff

Again, as JR would put it- Matt is literally being manhandled by Kat! (yeah only funny the first if it even was..)