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The Many Faces of Furball
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Info about me

Gender- Female

Dog- Furball (he's a Pomeranian he loves cheese)
Horse- Fred (he's a QH he loves Doritos and Pepsi)

(I don't let them eat this stuff often though)

My "Hero"- Howard Stern (coolest guy in the world)

Music- Alternative & Rock

Hobbies- Horseback riding (Eventing), watching WWF! (I LOVE pro wrestling), Basketball (Pacers fan), Soccer, Swimming, Hockey (Stars and Redwings fan, Football (Broncos & 49ers fan), hanging out with friends, raisin' hell.

Occupation: Student/ volunteer at a therapeutic riding center for the disabled

What I want to be when I grow up- hmm.. Either a vet or do something that involves pro wrestling