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Errr.. not having a good December, our water heater broke water everywhere we don't have a carpet right now but it's a comin' tomorrow. I'm not much of a holiday person either, more like the Grinch or Mr. Scrooge. I've started driving, FYI I'm a horrible driver but gettin' better, all the stupid signs and cars all around ya uurrgg annoying... Anyone else hear about the chicken's head in the Mcdonalds meal? Hehehe funny funny funny...... school sucks as usual, boring thing is school, it's annoying, stupid semester finals. NOt much of a post but yeah, k, see yah....

Someone HELP!!!! K, I'm at my uncle's house for this funky party thing he's having pretty damn freakay
, anywayz, I'm bored yep bored thanks gawd he has a computer or I may not be alive at this moment in time, and yah wanna know what the majorly crappy thing is? I had to miss WWF Smackdown! Yeah, so any wrestling fans out there that watched it mail me the results, sure I can go lok at the spoilers but hey I don'tget the whole picture form that only who wins and loses, eeerrrr.... so how was your day? Oh! I didn't say the best part, I had a spanish field trip today, kinda fun I guess, we j-walked to Taco Bell that was fun I bet the adults htought we where crazy highjackers, err people claing... gotta go, see you peoples later!

Hello ppeeeeooooppplllleeee!! Hey Aimz!! Anywayz, how is everyone today? My b-day is coming up I'll finally be able to drive muahahaha! I put up some pics of my horse, Fred and my wonderful little dog, Furball. I just got back from my friend's house and am soo tired, do you know the weird things that are on television at 4:00am? Oh well, people can be soo stupid, not naming names but some of my so called "friends" are crapweasels (no one from school, even though I do call you a crapweasel once in a while Jordan ;) screw em' screw em all!! mwahahaha! Danielle if you're reading this, which you may not be since your comp's at Mag's, I just figured out how to put pictures on this website so you better come up with some mula unless you want the 95' pictures of you dancin around with a paper hat on your head on this site. Is this a bribe, you ask? Hell yeah it's a bribe!! Mwahahahaha!! Well g2g going to a movie w/ some friends, so see yah. BTW there's this one movie I sooo wanna see I don't remember the name but it has alot to do with football but the preview made it sound great. Bye all!