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Things I want to do

1.) I want to study to be a vet

2.) I want to go to a wrestling school (TWA)

3.) I want to be in a indy fed or, if possible, one of the big 3

4.) I want to be on Survivor

5.) I want to go to as high a level of eventing that I can

6.) I want to find a chicken's head in my Mcdonald's meal

7.) I want to win the lotto

8.) I want to go to and/or be in the Olympics

9.) I want my horse's farrier to come out on time (as in, the day he should not a week later)

10.) I want Howard Stern to be the US President (he may be a bit controversial but he's very open-minded)

11.) I want to guest star on 3rd Rock From the Sun as a evil blue tubed alien coming to destroy the earth

12.) I want to be in a school history book

13.) I want to be a guitarist in a rock band

14.) pertaining to the rock band thing, I want to do a swanton bomb(wrestling move) into a crowd of people (hopefully there'll be enough people in the crowd to catch me)

15. I want to live forever and when I turn 25 not grow any older (heh though I know it's genetically impossible at least in my lifetime it will be)

16. I want to be a guest on The Tonight Show or Letterman or Conan