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The Many Faces of Furball
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Favorite Dog- FURBALL (my Pomeranian)

Favorite Horse- FRED (my QH)

Favorite Bands-

1. Stone Temple Pilots
2. Pearl Jam
3. Third Eye Blind
4. Papa Roach
5. Perfect Circle
6. Godsmack
7. Staind
8. Live
9. System of a Down
10. Kid Rock

Favorite Actors-

1. Matthew Perry
2. Tim Allen

Favorite Actresses-

1. Courtney Cox
2. Drew Barrymore


The 2000 XLH Sportster 883 Hugger, need I say more?

Favorite Food:
Chick Fil-A (all their food is good)
Cici's Desert Pizza (vanilla glazed pizza yummm)

Favorite Saying:
Live your youth, and when you're old, tell your story.
(Yep, I made this one up)

If you can see this, read this, and understand this, be grateful.
(Yep another one alla me)