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Favorite Pro Wrestlers

Favorite WWF Pro Wrestlers:

1. Jeff Hardy (Crazy spots, he just flies around like it's natural for him, one match he just kinda flew out of the ring on another guy like it was nothing, he should've been a bird...)

2. Y2J (all around great wrestler)

3. Chris Benoit (same as above)

4. Matt Hardy (he's more of a technical wrestler than Jeff)

5. Triple H (he'e better than Mr. "five move wonder", some of you may know who I'm talking about)

6. Eddie Guerrero & Esse Rios (a tie for sixth they're both great wrestlers)

7. Edge, Christian and Kurt Angle (3-way tie for 7th they are all hilarious and good wrestlers, Christian's finisher is one of the best, he doesn't do it often though)

8. Raven (he's a hottie ;)

9. Lita & Molly Holly (really helping womens' wrestling get over, and showing it's not all just catfights)

10. Dean Malenko (I dunno he seems to have a great sense of humor w/ the whole Lita angle)

Favorite ECW & WCW wrestlers:

1. Kid Kash (love the style of wrestling)

2. 2-count

3. Vampiro

4. Justin Credible

5. Christopher Daniels (I'm not sure if he's still signed w/ WCW cuz I heard he did a thing w/ the WWF as one of the Conquistadors)

6. Tommy Dreamer

7. Billy Kidman

8. The whole f'n show, RVD

9. Masato Tanaka

10. The Sandman

More favorite wrestlers-

1. The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels

2. Mick Foley

3. Owen, Bret & Stu Hart

4. Classie Freddie Blassie

5. Andre the Giant