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Amy's Style

Welcome to The Amy's Style site. Dedicated to the WWF Wrestler, Amy Dumas, aka Lita, and her style of clothing. Here you'll find different clothes, accesories, etc. Amy has worn. (I tried to be as professional sounding as possible hehe... anywayz, welcome to the site!)

Sparkle Top/Flame Top
Vinyl Top/Spider Top
Fishnet Top/Silver Top
V-bottom Top/Laceup Top
Glitter Top/Star Top
Red Mesh Top/Zebra Top
Bungi Pants/Khaki Cargos
Blue Pants/Green Cargos
Backzip Pant/Red Zebra Pant
Rave Pants/Silver Pants
Silver Pants/ Gray Pants
Black Cargos/Plaid Bondage Pant
Leopard Pants/Snakeskin Pants
Rage Boots/Flame Belt
Fireball Set/Shotbead Necklace
Leopard Cami Set/Flame Wrist Cuffs

UPDATES 9/21/01:

I'm sorry to say I won't be able to update this site anymore I have become way too busy plus I lost all the information I had to update the site. Whatever is still on here will stay on here, there may be updates but most probably not. All I can say is almost everything Lita wear and what's similar to what she wears can be found at and other stores listend in the links section. I'd like to thanks Demonchild for all her help with information about clothes, but I just don't have much time anymore, so see yah.